Runescape 3 (RS3) Christmas 2023 Walkthrough and All You Need To Know

This event begins 27th November 2023 and ends 4th January 2024

Event Hub “The Christmas Village”

The Christmas Village is a new seasonal hub located with the Land of Snow, accessed with a portal in the Burthorpe event area or a seasonal addition to the Lodestone Network. It features festive skilling activities, (Fishing, Crafting and Construction), the Christmas Spirit shop, Santa’s lodge, a Secret Santa igloo, and a giant present. Players can collect three letters to Santa daily from completing all of their Daily Challenges, speaking to Clementine outside the lodge, and passively while completing seasonal activities in the Christmas Village. Missed daily letters may be bought in the Christmas Spirit store for 400 spirit. Turning in the letters at the Wintumber Postbox (next to Clementine) earns the player Nice Points, which reward winter cosmetics each week as well as granting a small chance to be rewarded a black partyhat.

Event Start Quest

It’s Snow Bother is a new seasonal quest which will return each year around Christmas. It will not reward quest points, but will reward winter themed cosmetics, access to a daily present delivery activity, and access to the present wrapping activity in the Christmas Village, Quest guide in video below.

How To Get Started

Black Party Hat?

By having a Nice Point, you’ll have the chance to get a drop of the Black Party Hat. All players who have collected a nice point that week are in with a chance, even if you’re not there at the time! To be in with a chance to win each week you only need to earn 1 nice point by delivering 3 letters (more on those below), but for every point you have earned that week, you will be in with an extra chance!

The lucky few (and we mean few – this item will be very rare!!) will set off a celebratory set of fireworks at the Lodge and an anonymized broadcast that a Black Party Hat dropped on that World. Even if you’re not lucky enough to get the Black Party Hat, everyone who earned a nice point that week will receive one of the Christmas cosmetic gifts from Santa!

As this is a first for us, we’ll be closely monitoring the drop rate of the Black Party Hat to ensure it’s just right – if we need to make any adjustments, we’ll let you know. We’ll also be ensuring any catchup Nice Points over the maximum of 7 each week will be applied at the same drop rates before any changes for equal fairness (no early bird bonus or reduced chance here!)

If you are unable to attend the lodge when Santa has arrived, you will find your gift in the Sledge just outside the grotto. The Black Party hat can be won from the sledge, not just Santa himself, so check in regularly! If you miss any weeks, you can also acquire missed letters (including from previous weeks) at any time to make sure everyone can earn equal opportunities to find the Black Party Hat – regardless of your schedule.

Santa`s Arrival

Santa will arrive at the lodge at 8 pm Game Time each Sunday and stay for 2 hours until 10 pm Game time. During this time players will be able to enter the lodge and collect their weekly gift from Santa!

Before he arrives there is a little bit of merriment – Santa is a real showman, after all! 30 minutes before the arrival a timer will appear to remind players the Lodge is opening, at this time the Snow Imps at the lodge will begin throwing out some white and blue presents (from the wrapping paper) which players can collect from the ground and open up. You will also be able to transform into a snow imp or snowman for a little extra fun!

Letters To Santa

Every day, players will be able to gather up 3 letters to Santa and post them in the Wintumber Postbox just outside Santa’s Lodge to earn a nice point! You can earn these letters by:

  • Speaking to Clementine outside the lodge
  • Completing all of your Daily Challenges
  • Passively while completing seasonal activities in the Christmas Village

*You will get 1 letter for each of these steps. If you missed a letter, you will be able to pick up a replacement in the Christmas Spirit Shop for 400 Christmas Spirit.

Presents from the Imps (Christmas Wrapping Paper)

You may of noticed you get given Christmas Wrapping paper for skilling anywhere in Runescape this can be given to Noel the snow imp, located near Santa’s lodge, he requires assistance gathering wrapping paper. Noel swaps Christmas Wrapping Paper for Presents, all the possible presents and their drop chance are below.

White Christmas Present (2023).png: RS3 2023 Christmas event drops White Christmas Present (2023) with rarity 44,750/100,000 in quantity 1

White Christmas Present (2023)144,750/100,000

Blue Christmas Present (2023).png: RS3 2023 Christmas event drops Blue Christmas Present (2023) with rarity 50,190/100,000 in quantity 1

Blue Christmas Present (2023)150,190/100,000

Purple Christmas Present (2023).png: RS3 2023 Christmas event drops Purple Christmas Present (2023) with rarity 5,000/100,000 in quantity 1

Purple Christmas Present (2023)15,000/100,000

Gold Christmas Present (2023).png: RS3 2023 Christmas event drops Gold Christmas Present (2023) with rarity 10/100,000 in quantity 1

Gold Christmas Present (2023)110/100,000

Santa's Christmas Present.png: RS3 2023 Christmas event drops Santa's Christmas Present with rarity 50/100,000 in quantity 1

Santa’s Christmas Present 150/100,000

List of Event Shop items and price in “Christmas Spirit”

Winter Hat (black and orange)Item2000
Winter Scarf (black and orange)Item2000
Letter To Santa*Item400
Christmas wandItem2500
Santa beardItem2000
Santa sackItem2000
Tinsel scarfItem1500
Festive jumperItem2000
Christmas jumper (KBD)Wardrobe Cosmetic2500
Christmas jumper (Rudolph)Wardrobe Cosmetic2500
Snowverload HeadWardrobe Cosmetic Cosmetic1000
Snowverload BodyWardrobe Cosmetic1000
Snowverload LegsWardrobe Cosmetic1000
Snowverload SnowstormerWardrobe Cosmetic1000
Penguin outfitOutfit3000
Snowverload Ice SickleWardrobe Cosmetic1500
Ice amuletItem1500
Ice StaffWardrobe Cosmetic1500
Ice BowWardrobe Cosmetic1500
Ice Sword and Ice Off-hand SwordWardrobe Cosmetic1500
Ice ShieldWardrobe Cosmetic1500
HorizonWardrobe Cosmetic2500
Portable SnowfallWardrobe Cosmetic3000
San’tar spawnlingItem2000
Rudolph RebornPet2500
Chaotic CookeryEmote500
Snowman DanceEmote500
Dramatic PointEmote500
Seal of ApprovalEmote500
Rockin’ Around the TreeEmote500
Cracker PullEmote500
Ice Skating ChampionEmote500
The Snow-drobeEmote500
Snowboard (frosty)Item1000
Snowboard (shark)Item1000
Snowboard (skull)Item1000
Snowboard (penguin)Item1000
Snowboard (2016)Item1000
Snowboard (2017)Item1000
Ring of snowTransmog item2500
Snow globeItem2500
Snowverload plushieItem2000
Sir Coalington Embers plushieItem2000
Santa-napped Teleportanimation2500
the MerryTitle1000

Advent Calendar (2023)

Advent Calendar is a Treasure Hunter promotion running from 1 December 2023 to 24 December 2023. During the promotion, players can claim one free item and an additional Treasure Hunter key each day from the Advent Calendar.

1st December1 Overhead Emote: Snow Imp Smile
2nd December400 Christmas wrapping paper
3rd December1 Purple Christmas Present
4th December400 Christmas wrapping paper
5th December1 Overhead Emote: Snow Imp Wink
6th December400 Christmas wrapping paper
7th December1 Purple Christmas Present
8th December400 Christmas wrapping paper
9th December1 Overhead Emote: Snow Imp Laugh
10th December400 Christmas wrapping paper
11th December1 Purple Christmas Present
12th December1 Overhead Emote: Snow Imp Shy
13th December400 Christmas wrapping paper
14th December1 Purple Christmas Present
15th December1 ‘Calendar Boy/Girl’ title
16th December400 Christmas wrapping paper
17th December1 Overhead Emote: Snow Imp Kiss
18th December1 Purple Christmas Present
19th December1 Snow Imp Amulet
20th December400 Christmas wrapping paper
21st December1 Overhead Emote: Snow Imp Love
22nd December400 Christmas wrapping paper
23rd December1 Purple Christmas Present
24th December1 Winter Hat

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